Eperimental study of Dot matrix Hologram

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Multi-beam interference to attain big size grating rainbow hologram. Theoretical and experimental study of Dot matrix Hologram

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The twin construction of the output optical subject distribution diagram orthogonal grating produced giant format imaging methodology orthogonal rainbow holographic grating interferometry conventional methodology by which a laser beam by way of the beam splitter into two beams, after reflection mirror and the spatial filter, beam expander, the photoresist dry plate form an interference.

Hologram tiny dots combine a shiny grating of hologram image.

As soon as the publicity, the photoresist dry plate rotated as degrees, and then exposed once more, eventually forming the photoresist dry plate orthogonal grating structure. The benefit of the above methodology so long as the beam expander space massive enough shock platform, excessive power laser and a beam expander is giant sufficient space, the formation of interference interval is elevated, the production process is simple.

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Nevertheless, the downside of requiring the laser output energy is giant, the sensitivity of the photoresist Division all the dry plate lining.

The laser beam power section, the diameter of the round spot beam expander, a uniform format for the added effective publicity, taking into consideration the energy lack of the optical path , the precise exposure time of a number of tens of minutes, normal recording cannot meet the soundness condition interferometer system must be very strict seismic performance, during the publicity, there can be more than microns fringe movement.

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That is a particularly stringent technical necessities lengthy coherence size, akin to area is proud blade flail dish dimension, the coherence length of greater than vital as a result of the laser gentle emitted as the gaussian beam.

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The sunshine intensity distribution with the spot diameter is inversely proportional, which necessarily the taken resulting intermediate orthogonal raster brighter than the perimeters, to the entire picture severe unevenness. In the orthogonal grating interferometer report, on which, specifically, other image mosaic

It is a dynamic optically variable picture is very difficult.

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We orthogonal diffraction grating as a spectroscopic gadget facet-by-point unit in the photoresist publicity obtained plain rainbow holograms as a substitute of double-publicity hologram dry plate recording methodology, launched giant-format optical variable picture lithography system, to out of its experimental ideas, advantages and experimental results.

Dot matrix holographic sticker.

The cross dichroic device fabrication: in the optical path, the two exposures to supply orthogonal diffraction grating, a battle format scanning lithographic spectral parts in the system.

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Alternatively, using two orthogonal one-dimensional grating combination, the benefits of two-dimensional spatial frequency will be freely combined to type the interference in different directions. One-dimensional diffraction grating groove rectangular diffraction effectivity theoretically as much as degree, two-dimensional orthogonal, the resulting modulation time period mutually, so that the diffraction order with a purpose to improve the vitality efficiency of the beam ingredient, to output light subject two as the target operate, the amplitude distribution might be expressed as representing binary phase angle distribution of sunshine field.

Animation security hologram label.

A total diffraction diffraction efficiency. Beam parts deep trough stairs Suppose into such a wavelength lithography, the photoresist structure reflects two steps reproduce the sunshine area part diagram massive format, involving imaging lithography system interference lithography system schematic diagram of the optical path from the sunshine source part beam platform management parts. That's formed by the laser aperture, beam shaping mirror, a few options and microfilm aperture constitutes a system, beam element, imaging.

Lens group the mild supply, a beam shaping optical path, the optical path of the imaging beam composed of multi-beam interference optical head meeting in the horizontal route of movement platform materials, the facility of the laser power management, motion management methods and computers

Warranty Dot matrix holographic sticker.

All the production course of completed routinely by the computer. Optical path proven in the drawings, the beam shaping optical routing square aperture, the objective lens, the mirror and the imaging lenses constituting the objective lens system and the imaging lens group, the focal length of the target lens group is bigger than the final stop on the floor of the workpiece a lowered image.

Renata Dot matrix holographic sticker.

Integer by the beam, force the diaphragm edge Islets block off gentle, the surface of the sunshine spot of the light depth is relatively uniform, in favor of a uniform interference fringes micron lithography. Graph-primarily based interference lithography system utilizing orthogonal part grating or binary optical parts as beam elements.

Eagle hologram label

The photoresist dry board for orthogonal interference fringes obtained with orthogonal rectangular spot, steady publicity after operating a large space of ??the lattice plain rainbow raster distribution. Experiment, using semiconductor laser wavelength Lin Qiao box out of power as a signet interference mild spot size in a printed microns adjustable, single-point quadrature interference light publicity

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Extensive laser interference lithography system at onerous Qin Ming pictures, system diagram, picture processing software interface. The system makes use of a painter grating positioning, repeat positioning accuracy for the Qing, using pc-controlled interference lithography system for steady operation, a dot-by-dot lithography plain grating, and finally the formation of huge-format sizes.

Finally forming orthogonal lattice plain rainbow holographic grating measurement of the world, depending on the system, the 2 instructions of travel and total system stability. After the lithography, by the growing, rinsing, the white mild irradiation can see the diffraction impact of Fig.

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A number of diverse obtainable by the next diffraction pattern combinations. Rotating the grating in the lithography process can acquire different orientations plain lattice grating construction combinations. By changing the splitting device utilizes two different orthogonal intermediate frequency grating, making area-frequency distributions with totally different lattice noodle rainbow diffraction images.

On that system, the alternative of components with out affecting the part place of the light spot, so the above methodology can be applied perpendicular to the diffraction plain rainbow picture optical variable photographs of arbitrary mosaic combination. Splitting machine may also be replaced by a one-dimensional grating orthogonal noodle image with the one-dimensional optical variable picture mosaic.

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