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Hologram Storage

Hologram storage is at the moment probably the most promising high-velocity massive-capacity data storage technologies in data processing, aerospace, multimedia, and huge databases and other fields have very broad application prospects. Holographic storage research key points to be addressed in three elements: First, the storage material; Second, storage-associated units and programs; Third storage technical problems. Storage materials, Ba for widespread storage materials, which LiNb0, the most broadly used. Currently in volume holographic storage capability has been achieved through a complicated multiplexing some success, but the replica of the information about the readability and determination to be improved. The research is a holographic storage, including supplies research, photovoltaic expertise research, and mechanical design in one comprehensive research on the environmental circumstances and requirements are extra stringent.

Data and data storage

Quantization info in bits (bit), basically, the amount of knowledge bits of the digital information bits no distinction. In accordance with the analysis report, the knowledge storage capacity of the human mind in the 10's bit extra, about the equal of the U.S. Nationwide Archives 10 instances the quantity, yet no any cell memory machine can exceed.

Various disk (including arduous disk), can obtain a big storage capability, called the mass storage device. To achieve storage capability, entry time is brief (quick), low price of storage methods, optical info storage expertise got here into being, and quickly developed into a pillar industry of data technology.

Data Storage

Optical data is stored in the information storage advantages Mass

Optical storage mainly refers to computer systems and different communication techniques with online mass storage technology. Holographic optical information storage medium thickness will be divided in line with the storage surface storage (two-dimensional memory) and bulk storage (three-dimensional holographic storage), according to data access will be divided into storage and web page-by-bit parallel storage, whereas the capabilities may be divided into storage and rewritable CD-ROM disc storage. CD is a bit two-dimensional memory storage media, since the late Sixties, the United States ECD and IBM jointly developed the world's first disc for the reason that disc recording density has way over 1,000 / mm or more, low prices, and the CD-ROM repeatedly read out sound and image readability are tape and arduous disk, etc. cannot be compared. Optical info storage basically features are:

The information stored in the mass storage disc does have many benefits, however typically only in two dimensions: info on the optical surface density is near the restrict, and requires an optical learn head relative to the recording medium movement, i take the time is limited milliseconds, which means the switch fee of laborious More than a tough disk.

Holographic storage traits

Holographic expertise in the Sixties with the development of laser holography and the emergence of a high-density three-dimensional holographic optical storage technology. Holographic storage is three-dimensional holographic optical storage is essentially the most characteristic and potential of huge info storage fr technologies. In contrast with other knowledge storage methods, holographic storage has many outstanding benefits: massive storage capacity, knowledge redundancy, capacity, information switch charge, entry times as quick, anti-electromagnetic interference functionality and so on. Therefore, the answer to the current quantity holographic storage juice pc and multimedia communications within the widespread enter / output bottlenecks, has nice potential.

Excessive data switch rates and quick entry time: holographic storage data is stored within the form of pages and recovery. Every page of all bits in parallel recording and studying, slightly than as a disk and CD-ROM

Have content addressing. If you happen to would not have a reference light when learn by the image information to hold a bit of physical quantity of light irradiation public storage usage by the angle multiplexing multiple holograms, it would learn out a series of different instructions, "a reference gentle," and numerous light Energy dimension represents the corresponding memory image and the degree of similarity between the enter image, the use of this affiliation characteristic permits addressing operation associated to the content material of the picture correlation operate calculation based on the speedy goal identification, automated automobile navigation, positioning satellites graph matching , a large database retrieval software may be very important.

Holographic storage

A number of holographic storage, the assorted items of the diffraction efficiency of the hologram with the increase within the number saved holograms decreased, a considerable amount of storage, the respective items of hologram diffraction efficiency may be very low when learn to extend the raster boundary to enhance the diffraction effectivity and storage capacity.

Photorefractive holographic storage accompany gentle scattering, this mild scattering gentle, is part of the sign noise, have to adopt applicable measures fiction noise.

A number of holographic storage processes are both writing is erased dynamic process, requiring proper publicity methods and fusing technology


Crosstalk exists multiple holographic storage, requires using appropriate encoding methodology, or learn mode to eliminate crosstalk. In the meantime, on the holographic storage mechanism, multiplexing, holographic recording materials and other features of analysis work has also made nice progress. Optical database, optical neural networks, optical interconnection, associative storage and pattern recognition research progress, but additionally sparked curiosity for holographic storage;

Holographic reminiscence system analysis and practical as possible.

Disc storage

Data know-how is the important thing know-how of the 21st century, the data industry is the pillar business of the twenty first century. Holographic info saved in the national financial building and modernization of army science and know-how has a very important position. With the computer know-how and multimedia technology, processing and storage require a substantial enhance in the amount of data, it is for large capacity and excessive price of knowledge storage applied sciences are more demanding. Disk storage is a fairly mature know-how, within the coming interval will continue to play an vital role. However, the surface density of the magnetic memory being bodily superparamagnetic limitations: that's, when the magnetic area quantity is too small, so that magnetic domains magnetized sustaining anisotropy energy of orientation can be close to the interior energy of the magnetic domains, which trigger spontaneous to demagnetization. Over the previous 10 years, the onerous disk's surface density of 60% per 12 months fee of enhance, and soon approaching superparamagnetic limit (40Gb/in2). For now, the magnetic storage technology continues to improve so as to meet folks's larger storage capacity, quicker information transmission requirements.

Optical storage know-how

Development of data expertise in the 20th century was based mostly electronics to photonics growth stage; 21st century is to optoelectronics photonics development stage. The basic difference between the two phases is the knowledge carrier and the power carrier from the negatively charged electrons into photons uncharged. Digital system as an data service, as a result of slender bandwidth interconnection, interconnect density, time, so-called crosstalk and parasitic capacitance of the "electronic bottleneck" Yun impact, limits the system to additional enhance the processing speed. As an data carrier with a photon system can overcome these shortcomings, with parallel input and output, high-pace, highly interconnected, large capacity and low crosstalk characteristics. Optical storage is the second after the rise of the magnetic storage important data storage technology. Theoretical estimates of the surface density of the optical storage 1/A2 of magnitude, the place A is the wavelength of sunshine used for storage. By using multi-layer recording material, partition makes use of the dynamic vary of the recording material or use multi-wavelength and short wavelength beam information addressing different applied sciences could make a major increase storage density. Optical technique also can addressed the entire volume of the recording material, the storage density up 1/A3. If both a large number of distinguished narrow spectral melancholy for recording, storage density can even improve a -3 orders of magnitude, which is some other information storage applied sciences currently unmatched.

The most typical and most sophisticated optical storage know-how is an optical disc storage. CD-ROM from the primary generation to VCD, DVD, etc.,


One other two-dimensional optical storage know-how improvement course is the event of close to-field optical storage technology. Near-subject optical reminiscence can break positive far-field diffraction limit, get a smaller dimension information symbols, which might additional enhance the storage density of the disc.

The above two circumstances are glad after the storage level depends solely on the dimensions of the aperture measurement of the diffraction restrict without constraint. These two requirements can also be key to the near-subject optical storage and difficult. At the moment primarily based on near-subject optical storage storage solutions and strong immersion lens structure of super-decision optical disc expertise concern, is stepping up its research.

Magnetic and optical disks are unable to retailer data inside the total quantity of the fabric, a multilayer optical disc while the storage capacity will be improved, but allows only a restricted variety of layers. Alternatively, the info transfer fee, the traditional optical disk, and comparable, are by-bit reminiscence and reading out of the "serial" mode, required head relative to the recording medium for the mechanical movement, the data fee to be low mechanical motion restrictions, the disk and the mechanical motion of the disc in keeping with bit addressing modes and restricted nature of the data transfer price further improved.

Laptop expertise for data access velocity, parallelism and other requirements, led to a high diploma of curiosity in optical storage volume. To be able to absolutely make the most of the whole quantity of the storage materials with a purpose to improve the storage density holographic strategy of taking and capability, and information transfer rates, you should explore new ideas, the introduction of recent technologies.

Holographic storage system

Volume holographic storage principle. When the recording medium thickness ratio recorded interference fringe spacing is far bigger, three-dimensional hologram grating form, known as a volume hologram. Such a hologram, its absorption coefficient and refractive index of the foot cycle, and it acts as a 3-dimensional diffraction gentle of the diffraction grating, reproduction, provided that the Bragg situation, before the maximum diffraction intensity. Subsequently, the traits of the amount hologram Bragg's law to find out its show illumination beam angle and choose a response wave, so that it turned a excessive storage capacity of the principle type of multiple holographic storage.

The amount hologram is shaped by the item beam (zero) and the reference mild (R) contained in the recording medium in mutual interference. For convenience, assume that object and reference beams are plane-wave case, based on the sunshine interference concept, object mild and reference gentle intrude with one another is shaped inside the recording medium such as family construction spaced planar,

Holographic spatial mild modulator

SLM spatial light controller is a two-dimensional optical holographic memory signal input device. The input sign might be optical or electrical sign, after conversion SLM dimensional coherent optical picture, which might symbolize the analog grayscale photos, can also represent digital data. SLM may be a wavefront of a lightweight modulating certain options of the machine, corresponding to the 2-dimensional distribution of the sunshine section, amplitude, or intensity and polarization state, so that the information is loaded on to the sunshine, as an enter machine that can be SLM as a clear sheet can be controlled. Experiment with totally different durations, respectively engraved Dragon mask grating, resolution plate or the DMD as a spatial light modulator, recorded in the crystal; these three totally different spatial light modulator used in the experiments for various purposes.

Holographic storage ultimately need the reproduced image is learn out with the copy reference mild can be received by the detector, the picture received by the detector through a monitor observation.

Photorefractive holographic storage multiplexing

Because the volume hologram reproduction intrinsic Bragg grating selective Bragg format by changing the variables to attain the same quantity of saved multiple holograms, while able to assure the quality of the recorded hologram pieces. Can be used for holographic storage of multiplexing an angle multiplexing, wavelength multiplexing, part multiplexing, and other hybrid multiplexing. The next classification on them briefly.

Angle-multiplexed holographic storage multiplexing always use the earliest, a technology research to the fullest. It's the case of fixed wavelength, by changing the incident angle of reference mild, so that every piece of the volume hologram the reference gentle from different angles, to be able to obtain the identical position of the recording medium shops a plurality of holograms. Meanwhile, the completion of multiplexing is required to alter the incident angle of reference mild, so its implementation of the system hardware isn't very high.

Wavelength multiplexing: a studying wavelength of the copy mild can also trigger changes in the Bragg mismatch, which might be recorded utilizing completely different wavelengths of the recording medium in the identical quantity hologram is recorded, this sort of multiplexing is known as wavelength division multiplexing . Typically, the wavelength-multiplexed mild of every reference hologram reproducing light are the same angle, the distinction between totally different wavelengths. Though the wavelength-multiplexed holographic storage is the primary multiplexing mode, but because of the event of the laser can not meet the necessities of wavelength multiplexing, multiplexing is mostly so this study was to investigate theoretically pure practical wavelength-multiplexed with technological improvement is comparatively slow.

Multiplexed Phase: for this multiplexing, every hologram county mounted wavelength and angle of the principle beam, but each piece of stored images utilizing respective different phase coded reference optical writing and reproducing optical readout. Different hologram recording reference gentle is now not simply a plane wave or a spherical wave, the wavefront usually are not an identical with each phase distribution, so 'on this level, the part angle multiplexing multiplexing and relatively similar. But it's according to certain encoding rules deterministic part encode 'rational design part encoding, which may successfully suppress crosstalk between totally different holograms. Is commonly used in quadrature phase coded.

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