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Hologram Ordinary Printing Method

With the original to be copied hologram holographic plate latex face stickers, using a vacuum suction device to make it fit perfect as possible, and then use the non-coherent parallel light exposure, get an original hologram positives. Is actually a bit of a difference of two diffraction gratings.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker. 3D Holographic sticker.


This method of printing a copy of common drawback is that it only applies to the low spatial frequency amplitude-type hologram plane replication, such as the measurement grating replication.

2D/3D Hologram Security Sticker. 3D Holographic sticker.


Hologram Laser Copy

Characterized copied laser illumination with a laser hologram, the object light beam to reproduce the direct light of the reference light recording a hologram. So just get a hologram, the laser beam can then be copied date, this approach has the advantage of the optical path adjustment is simple, high utilization of the laser light, shock conditions can be lowered, is also suitable for small quantities of replication; Its shortcomings are still using laser illumination, high cost, and the production efficiency is not high, the production of smaller size.

2D/3D Holographic Security Label. 2D 3D Holographic sticker.

Molded Copy

    Molded copy must first make relief type rainbow hologram, and then electroformed nickel stamper, and then molded out of PVC film. This embossed hologram can be made of a transmission type, on which can be coated with high reflectivity Yun metal film such as aluminum film, in order to observe reflections. The advantage is the ability to copy molded for mass replication, high production efficiency, reduce the cost per unit area of ​​the hologram; Its downside is that complex process, a large one-time investment.

Hologram Hot Stamping. 3D Holographic hot stampng foil.

Transfer Copy

    Replication is a transfer hologram from the mother through the optical adhesive layer to obtain copies of the transfer, the method may copy and solidified in the hologram rigid material. The advantage is that a hologram can be made larger, suitable for decorative materials; drawback is that technology is not yet mature, usually no mechanized equipment or low degree of automation.

Hologram Hot Stamping. 3D Holographic hot stampng foil.

Laser Copy

Plane transmission holographic replication

Amplitude planar transmission hologram replication. Such as the original figure H. , Off-axis holograms, the recording optical path diagram. Then there are three light transmittance: original object wave, conjugate wave and direct light.
Obviously when copying between three waves formed three twenty-two interference fringes can be considered two sets of hologram recording the interference pattern.

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label. 3D Holographic sticker with kinetic movement effect.

Object wave and the direct wave, namely +1 and 0 diffracted waves.

Conjugate light and direct light.

Obviously there are two real image reproduction and two virtual images, copy holograms obtained Ran At present, only a virtual image and a real image.

Planar phase transmission hologram replication. The hologram of plane wave absorption is low, the reference light and the object light can not reach the required intensity modulation, can not be achieved. Accordingly, the transmission-type hologram plane replication does not apply phase type hologram.

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label. 3D Holographic sticker with honeycomb tamper proof

Contact exposure method:

Step records, silver rainbow hologram recorded on the board.

Replication step, the master hologram H, and the version of the photoresist on the paste H, see the flat amplitude hologram replication. Available laser beam irradiation, solar energy utilization is high, a large area made easier estrogen floating hologram.

Vertical stratification embossed hologram

Each layer of vertical stratification icon may be a transparent film, it can be three-dimensional objects. The transparent film is not layered rainbow holograms can be recorded artifacts recording the optical path, can also be really like recording the optical path, respectively, for each transparent film exposure and each exposure shall, before adjusting the slit position angle of the reference beam angle or small Turn on board aircraft. ,

Security Holographic Label. global hologram label, full tamper evident, ORIGINAL

The same layer can also be transparent sheet is divided into several parts with different slit with a bit Xia record them separately in a rainbow hologram, in fact, more than a slit through overcast rainbow hologram on false color coded slices.

If the projection of a transparent sheet layers overlap, the record rainbow hologram using longitudinal synthetic hologram recording optical path, recording each layer should be placed in a transparent sheet before scattering screen, ie frosted glass screen, so that each vertical interfering reconstructed image .

Security Holographic Label. global hologram label, full tamper evident, ORIGINAL

Metal stamper production

Current use of electroformed nickel mold process is as follows:

Surface relief hologram, the purpose is to clean the photoresist hologram surface in order to ensure that the coating solid and complete. Because photoresist soluble in alkaline, it must use the neutral detergent.

The photoresist layer is sensitized, sensitizing the photoresist surface to ionize to form a uniform distribution of thecatalytic centers to ensure that the chemical silver or silver spray smoothly.

Security Holographic Sticker. global hologram label, VOID tamper evident, ORIGINAL

Sensitizing solution as stannous chloride, similar to circuit board production in the chemical plating. Silver plating has two key functions: one is in the photoresist formed on the surface conductive layer, nickel plating in order to ensure that the next step can be performed; other in the embossed surface of the fine particles coated with a layer of silver, the photoresist relief grooves on the real shift to metallic silver layer. Silver plating in alkaline conditions (pH> 7), temperature and time have to be strictly controlled to prevent corrosion layer.

Sensitization treatment with silver plating silver spray guns can also be used technology, high efficiency silver, but need technical proficiency.

Electroformed nickel plating is actually a long, the electroforming process lasted several hours, sometimes only one night to obtain a thickness more than 0.1mm silver version.

Security Holographic Label. Warranty hologram label, full tamper evident.

In order to get a small internal stress silver version. This step is carried out in the soft tank. Soft bath tank not added sodium saccharin, such as hardness agent.

Peeling surface cleaning, the glass substrate from the silver version after peeling must use an organic solvent such as acetone or alkaline solution to remove the photoresist layer, in addition to glue the silver version, called front.

Silver version of surface passivation, the silver version of the front page for the passivation passivation solution to the surface of a layer of silver oxide, in turn facilitate the metal-plated stencil relatively easy to peel.

Security Holographic Label. Protected hologram label, VOID tamper evident,


In order to focus on the protection on the front page, you can turn the front page of silver plated a master version, and then turn the master working cast nickel plate.

Turn cast nickel plate work, work electroformed nickel plate in the tank for a hard to produce work directly for molding nickel plate.

Ni stamper having a high hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, particularly suited for large scale continuous production, a good working nickel plate, in a good roll molding machine can continuously suppress millions times the average domestic pressure molding machine can also be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of times a second.

Security Holographic Label. SECURE hologram label, VOID tamper evident, SECURE is laser etching.


Hot copy hologram

Preparation phase: PVC drying, the common transparent sheet having a thickness of 50pm - 70ym, the temperature characteristic curve can be seen in the range of 55C - 135C, it is suitable for hot forming, aluminum PVC.

Hot: It is in a special molding machine on, and some PVC molded first and then vacuum coating, now generally use aluminum PVC film, molded by the transmissive longer be reflective hologram embossed hologram

PVC Transparent Hologram ID Overlay

Reproduction based on multi-tiered step angle rainbow hologram

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Types of sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels  

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