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Green color PET base material Hologram Sticker.

Metallized PET film has different colors. More than 90% holographic sticker is made of silver and golden color material because silver and golden material has best hologram reflect effect. Other color material as Blue, Red, Green, transparent also is available. We have thickness in 25micron,36 micron 50 micron and 100 micron. Base material film can be non tamper evident, tamper evident and  Pattern Released Hologram


Green color hologram sticker. This circle hologram sticker is made of green color tamper evident Aluminum foil.

Green holographic sticker.

Green holographic color label. Tamper proof.


Application of Holography : With the rapid development of holography and holographic technology applications have been more and more widely, and now it has been used in the following areas:

A. Hologram Microscopy
The holographic microscopy holographic microscopy combined technology. Compared with the general microscopy, the advantage is capable of storing the entire specimen was not prepared specimen was sliced​​. Especially for some of live specimens, it can take pictures of the high power continuous light or pulsed laser hologram, long term storage, reproduction, can display the details of the samples like having a three-dimensional nature. Holographic Microscopy 2 forms: one is the holographic technology and microscopy, called "holographic microscope" to solve the contradiction of the general microscope resolving power and depth of field, to avoid the aberration influence and reach a very small diffraction limit can be obtained a greater vision; one is the use of the characteristics of the hologram itself to zoom in, called "holographic zoom". Shooting and displaying different wavelength, diffraction angle, which is equal to the holograms were adjusted accordingly, you can achieve the image to enlarge. The holographic microscopy widely used in medicine, biology, and scientific research.

B. Hologram Display
The holographic display refers to the use of holograms to reproduce very realistic three-dimensional image of the object. This field is the field of higher commercial value, especially white reproduction holography, it is out of the laboratory the most practical holography. Civilian product development is mainly concentrated in the field of holographic display some precious relics filmed using this technology, when it was exhibited truly three-dimensional reproduction artifacts for visitors to view, leaving the original Save prevent theft. Large hologram can show cars, satellite, and a variety of three-dimensional advertising can also reproduce portraits, wedding photos. Small hologram can be worn around the neck on a beautifully decorated, reproducible favorite plants and animals, such as the colorful flowers and butterflies. For the holographic display hologram Fresnel hologram, such as a hologram, the reflection hologram, the rainbow hologram, synthetic hologram, etc.. These pictures can be used for projection, indoor decoration, stage sets, construction; level X-ray radiography, 3DCAD technology, 3D animation shows holography creative charm and artistic beauty.

3. Holographic Interferometry
Hologram interferometry of coherent beam is generated by the same system, which can eliminate the error of the system, reducing the requirements of precision optical components. Holographic interferometry can achieve high precision non-contact non-destructive three-dimensional measurement of an arbitrary shape, optionally roughened surface of the three-dimensional diffusely reflecting surface of the object, can be relatively analysis measurements to the class level of the number of wavelengths, but also can of an object in two different moments the state of comparison, thereby detecting any changes occurring by the object within a period of time. Holographic interferometry technology has been combined with the Mohr technology, photoelectric detection technology, CCD data acquisition technology, computer technology, to achieve automatic, fast and accurate real-time measurement. Currently, holographic interferometry analysis has been widely used in the field of non-destructive testing, dimensional shape and contour detection, vibration analysis. Holographic interferometry is an important area of holographic applications.

4.Holographic Information Storage
Hologram storage is based on the principle of the holography, the information is stored holographic manner together, using the coupling between the two lightwave decoupler between the information storage and comparison (correlation), identification, and even the function of Lenovo binding that is, information storage and information processing combine. Holographic information storage is the way of the 1960s with the development of laser holography and the emergence of a new storage. Which is characterized by a large-capacity, high-density, high diffraction efficiency, low-noise, high-resolution and high-fidelity. Optical holographic storage not only the capacity is large, and the high data transfer rate, and the addressing time is short, these advantages at the same time than any other information storage technology closer to the practical stage.


5.Computer Generated Hologram
Matter wave function of matter wave is not calculated hologram light waves from real objects, but people use the computer calculated imaginary objects - matter-wave light field distribution. The object wave and reference wave of the first computer to calculate the imaginary object coherent superposition of the light intensity distribution, and then calculating the interference pattern is drawn by a computer plotter, the simulation of the interference pattern drawn and reproduced on transparencies. This computer synthesized hologram called to calculate the hologram. CGH range of applications: to produce a specific wave surface display for holographic interferometry, two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects like laser scanners, data storage, and calculated in optical information processing with the holographic produce a variety of spatial filter and so on. Hologram made ​​by the computer, the huge number of combinations of image recording, and a good balance of its color, has opened up new prospects for electronic document and image processing system.



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