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Roll hologram sticker is made for overprinting process and aotomatic application.


hologram sticker photo

Holographic sticker in roll format.


hologram sticker photo

Hologram sticker in roll format.


hologram sticker photo

Hologram label in roll format with same gap


hologram sticker photo


hologram sticker photo

Security Holographic label in roll.


hologram sticker photo

Holographic sticker in roll format.


Hologram sticker in rollreel hologram

security holographic sticker in roll format. The gap of hologram sticker can be same. We can offer custom design hologram in different size and width.

roll hologram

Hologram in roll format can have different diameter of core. The core can be made by paper or plastic.


There're several types of hologramphy

1. Coaxial holography

Coaxial holography Jiabo technology, at this stage before the advent of the laser in 1960. Reproduction of the object obtained by this technique as with the illumination light mixed together, and difficult to observe. 1948 Jiabo to improve the resolution of electron microscopy in Prague "X-ray microscopy, Zernike phase contrast principle of revelation proposed a lightwave record the amplitude and phase of the object wave method and the experimental confirmed this idea. To further confirm the principle, he has validated the use of electronic waves and visible light, and has been confirmed in the visible, and made a hologram. From then until the end of the 1950s, the hologram are mercury lamp as a light source, and the reference beam and the object beam coaxial coaxial holographic ie coaxial hologram. ± 1 diffraction wave is inseparable from this holography infancy. The hologram of this period there are two serious problems, a reproduction of the original image and conjugated like inseparable; another light source coherence bad in 10 years, and the slow progress of holography.

2. Off-axis holography

The off-axis holography is generated after the laser appeared reproduced with the laser recording laser holography, which is characterized by the obtained object to reproduce as separated from the illumination light, easy to observe. 1960 The emergence of the laser beam, there is provided a high degree of coherence light source. In 1962, American scientists Leith (L eith) and the upa Tenix (U patn iek s) communication theory carrier frequency promote the concept of the airspace in off-axis holography is used off-axis reference light with the object light to interfere to form a hologram, the reuse of the off-axis of the reference light irradiating the hologram, the hologram to produce 3 separated from each other in the space of the diffraction component, wherein a copy of the original object beam. Thus, the coaxial hologram 2 challenge declared resolved generated laser recording, laser reproducing hologram. After sleeping for more than a decade, a new lease on life and enter a very active stage so that holography. Since then, they have appeared multiple holographic method, such as a large depth of field holographic photographic method, laser recording laser reproduction of color holographic photographic method.

3 White reproduction holography

White reproduction the holography is recorded with a laser, white light illumination reproduction hologram production technology, given certain conditions holograms with bright colors, which is currently the most widely holography. Due the laser reproduction hologram lost tonal information, scientists began working on 3rd generation hologram. Benton found records with a laser, white restore image, so this technology is gradually moving towards the practical stage. National Geographic magazine 1st white light holographic chip attached to the cover, sales increased from 1000 million copies of the second edition after 600 million copies. This technology was later passed by the United States to Europe and other countries, laser holography technology also will be popular around the world. Common reflection holography, like holography, rainbow holography and synthetic holography, etc.. Reflection hologram of the wavelength sensitivity of the use of the volume hologram can be recorded using laser white monochromatic image reproduced; can also use the three-wavelength light (red, green, blue) recording, generate the true color of the object with the white light illumination reproducing like, the three kinds of wavelengths using a helium neon laser red light (632 nm) and green argon ion laser (514 nm), and Blu-ray (476 nm) is usually.

4. White light holography

The use of white light produced holograms, laser or white light illumination observed reproduction, which is the highest stage of holography, although a lot of people to do some preliminary work so far, but not yet a breakthrough. The height of the laser coherence, the requirements of respective elements of the light source and the recording medium relative position of the holographic recording process is strictly maintained unchanged. This also gives the practical use of holographic technology has brought all the inconveniences. So, scientists have come back to continue to explore the possibility of reproducing a hologram recording white white. Holography will eventually out of the shock workbench dark laboratory into more practical areas.


application machine

Automatic Label Applicator. There're lots kinds of automatic labeling machine in Chinese market. Different package need different machine.


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