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How to Produce Hologram by Electron Beam?

Early nineties, electron beam lithography expertise has been widely utilized to The manufacturing of diffractive optical elements. Lately, with the microelectronics and CAD know-how improvement within the discipline of laser hologram produced within the beginning Digital dot matrix hologram, and obtained rapidly.

Electronic beam equipment to produce hologram

Digital holographic lattice Map manufacturing is targeted two laser beams interfere with each other on the photoresist edition
write encoded raster dots. Authors in latest literature has reported new analysis A system with a laser etching of fractal coding system to produce Digital Level Hologram array. Produced within the laser etching system digital holographic lattice
Within the figure, the image is composed of many very small grating lattice formed.

Three dimension E-beam hologram sticker. Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

Three demension security hologram sticker

Two beams Laser interferometer shaped a group of very high-quality raster factors recorded in the photoresist Version, wonderful grating and the grating period is based on the orientation of a recorded picture Particular legal guidelines and coding, nice raster level coding methodology and sort of aAdditionally dependent on the design of sample features.

Electronic beam system

Raster dot laser beam etching is usually in 100dpi decision to 600dpi. Grating lattice dimensions in 50μm or so. Hologram laser beam etching is usually the foremost disadvantage. The 2 beams making them liable to misalignment cannot focus on the same point. It will trigger blind spots on the hologram. Would undermine the emergence of apparently blind.

3D hologram label. Three dimension E-beam hologram sticker. Security tamper proof holographic label.

The standard of the hologram matrix. One other disadvantage is that it constitutes a matrix hologram. Raster point is nearly circular form, and they are arranged in the raster circle lLevel and raster dots inevitably come up between the pores, which might trigger.

Original 2D 3D hologram sticker

Hologram brightness decrease. The laser beam etching of the hologram there's a disadvantage The decision is subject to certain restrictions. Is simple to calculate, when the laser beam focal point diameter is 0105mm, the utmost resolution of 500dpi.

Electronic beam. Nonetheless, as the number of electron beam lithography has overcome the element holograms.

Described numerous shortcomings.

3D holographic sticker. Three dimension E-beam hologram sticker. Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

Electron beam lithography system using the diffraction grating findings. Make figures in the growth of the laser dot matrix hologram production technology, primarily based on the electron beam lithography system using the constructive electron beam resist on the production of digital offset.

Like the factor holograms to extend the diffraction effectivity of the embossed hologram and encryption safety perform, improve its technical content.

Security hologram stickers

Typical hologram.

Production, object mild and reference light intrude with one another is fashioned on the recording medium grating, i.e. hologram; is a diagram showing the variety of programs to supply a laser beam etching character dot matrix holograms, focused two laser beams incident on the light at a certain angle. Engraved offset interference gratings are fashioned on the intersection level, the direction of the grating raster level and the grating fixed relying on the design diagram digital code, numerous raster points

Security holographic stickers. 3D holographic sticker. Three dimension E-beam hologram sticker. Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof hologram label.

Vertical and horizontal arrangement constitutes a matrix hologram; electron beam lithography. Techniques to produce digital hologram pixel diagram, generated by the electron gun. The electromagnetic lens electron beam, electron beam shielding plate, the focus ring, sight lens deflection ring and a collection of motion after which by computer-managed digital pattern generator Encoding, the electron beam will likely be in place in the X - Y direction and a rotatable displacement. Loading platform digital resist carve digital pixel offset hologram.

Security 2D 3D Dot-matrix hologram label. Security tamper proof hologram labels.

Operation of the entire system by laptop centralized control.

VOID destructive hologram sticker

Pattern generator and digital pixel hologram encoding. The electron beam lithography system has a digital signal processor in Determine. Waveform generator is used to generate the desired image. In accordance with the designers purports to supply the image is definitely a computer file. Via a sets of mathematical algorithms, the pc utilizing a program that a given graph of the shaped electron beam lithography system to transform the info file. Tiny etched The groove route and the interval parameter is the enter gradation pattern and coding. In a pc program we designed 30 totally different gray grade. The grating angle of the course from zero levels to 179 degrees comparable to the 30 completely different grey levels, i.e. each 6 degrees corresponds to a grey stage.

Security holographic stickers. Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

Electron beam lithography digital pixel hologram printing and manufacturing of anti-encryption pseudo-mark will play its distinctive and powerful role. Particularly, the letter playing cards, banknotes, passports visas and identity playing cards on the production of counterfeit mark set time. Its major advantages are excessive diffraction effectivity, intuitive, massive viewing angle, high-definition diploma, strong anti-copy function, consistent with embossed hologram course of for mass production.

The disadvantage is that the template is dear equipment, the manufacturing time is lengthy, advanced processes, demanding conditions. But it surely really is an irreplaceable security processing dense printing of latest technologies.

Security holographic labels. Hologram Sticker, 2D 3D Security tamper proof holographic label.

This paper presents an improved measurement of the transfer function of the square CCD france. Compared with the unique measurement methodology, the improved methodology will not be only the same having an objective operate is launched via the optical imaging system with out, physical function. To fill the whole surface of the CCD picture traits, but also data processing is straightforward. The spatial frequency of the input function might be continuously changed advantages which iIn order that the CCD MTF measurement pace and reliability of measurement outcomes obtained increase.


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