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Laser Moire Hologram Interferometry

Talk about the usage of laser interferometry device for aviation superalloy supplies under high temperature fracture toughness have been tested. Utilizing electrochemical method was tested immediately within the zero thickness etched floor grating, expanded superalloy moire interferometry research space, utility 4f imaging system constitutes the optical path Fourier optical filter, the take a look at results present that additional improvement of the stacked gate ( Moire) stripe picture quality, improved moire interferometry measurement accuracy.

Fresnel len effect holographic film. Fresnel Lens Hologram Film

This technique uses a high-density lithographic plate technology orthogonal grating etched immediately unilateral cuts in the aerospace alloys (SEN) floor of the specimen, specimen positioned in a quartz glass window with a high-temperature furnace mild can pass. Additional, an optical UV system is placed in the optical path to simultaneously obtain the vertical and horizontal displacement of the stacked gate stripes. The experiment after scanning and digitizing data is automatically provided to the pc for evaluation, this method will test the temperature increased.

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This methodology is utilized in excessive temperature situations aviation alloy material, by means of the moire interferometry might be obtained immediately in-plane displacement and pressure fields, it may efficiently carry out real-time measurement of fracture toughness. The primary system includes a brief-wavelength semiconductor lasers, 4 beams with the diffraction grating optical system with a high-temperature furnace and the loading unit of CCD camera with a pc acquisition system.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof Moire Hologram

Moire Interferometry Research and Growth Lately, domestic and international materials analysis unit developed many advanced excessive-temperature alloys, some aviation materials underneath high temperature performance testing for learning at house and overseas will turn into an necessary subject of many research departments. Where the fracture toughness, thermal enlargement coefficient, elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio is the characterization of the mechanical habits of materials, a number of necessary parameters.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof Moire Laser Holographic Labels

Conventional methods of testing these parameters are primarily electrical measuring technique and the extensometer method. They're straightforward to function at room temperature: Use extensometers, displacement measurement and intuitive; electrical measuring rule sensitivity is relatively excessive, and might be learn immediately on the strain gauge pressure data.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof Moire Hologram

However, whether or not it is electrical measuring method or extensometer methodology, they all belong to contact measurement, and in high-temperature setting, utilizing typical method to check the mechanical properties of materials when subjected to thermal deformation, fixtures and other elements can't be installed, in order that the check The accuracy and reliability of the results greatly lowered, and even difficult.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof Moire Covert Hologram Sticker

Moire interferometry is developed in the Nineteen Eighties as a modern optical measurement mechanics. It is the modern technique of optical interferometry and excessive temperature testing expertise organically combine, is a non-contact micro-displacement deformation test technique, with high accuracy, high sensitivity, image distinction and good features, real-time statement of each point displacement audience , and has been extensively utilized in fracture mechanics, structural strength, vibration fatigue, creep and different mechanical experimental studies. At the identical time, it's just the picture you need to seize the outcomes, is conducive to using computer intelligence. Pc picture processing and high-pace camera technology and the event of moire interferometry provides an efficient and correct assortment of information and knowledge processing means to further promote its development.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof Moire Holographic label


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