Reproduction Based on Multi-tiered Rainbow Hologram

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Reproduction Based on Multi-tiered Rainbow Hologram

Dr. Benton since first proposed two-step rainbow holography has been to overcome the two-step rainbow holographic speckle noise is easy to produce, requires two record holograms cumbersome operation and other defects, such as Chinese Americans took advantage of Chan, raised like a step rainbow holographic technology holography. In recent years, the progress of work in this area is mainly to expand the field of view to improve the coherent light utilization and reduce speckle noise, but in the operation has brought some trouble. About the rainbow holographic image quality improvement techniques discussed and some recently published a lot of valuable papers.

Currently rainbow holography in white light holography still occupies a very important position. This section presents a use of multiple holographic recording medium capable of recording features, implemented in the same recording medium can be reproduced rainbow holographic multiple angles and get the obvious layered effect.

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Hierarchical multi-angle rainbow hologram reproduction step rainbow hologram is an improvement, it is repeatedly exposed to adjust the direction of the reference beam, so as to reproduce the color monochrome image by a certain sequence reproduction, strong sense of hierarchy. Since the total design-step imaging method, thus recording a hologram two-step comparison of the operation is relatively easy to obtain speckle noise is low and the diffraction efficiency of the rainbow hologram, and maximize the volume holographic recording medium recording features, achieve a recording and reproducing multiple images. A reference light during recording either a plane wave, a spherical wave is used, the optical element and thus requires relatively reduced.

Improved step rainbow holographic recording method

The basic characteristics of the rainbow holographic recording system in the appropriate position to join a slit, whose role is to limit the reproduction light to reduce blur color image reproduction, in order to achieve white monochrome image reproduction. Two-step rainbow holography easy to reproduce generally used in the second stage converging spherical wave is used as the reference light, the optical element relative aperture of the collimator lens, such as higher.

Three dimension hologram label

Step rainbow holography is the essence of the observer and the object to be reconstructed image of a slit formed between the image, so that the viewer sees the object image through the slit in order to achieve white reproduction. In one step, the lens with a slit-like images and record simultaneously, so you do not need first start recording a Fresnel hologram.

Hologram Stickers, Dot-matrix Security tamper proof holographic labels.

Ordinary step rainbow holography, the object generally placed before 2 times the imaging lens focal length (as a matter of light, due to the relative aperture of the imaging lens and the object surface reflectivity limit the impact of the object is often reflected light energy utilization is low, resulting rainbow hologram diffraction efficiency is difficult to improve.

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Its main feature is a transparent two-dimensional image D, placed before the recording medium and the recording medium on the stickers, but in the original light path by adding a speckle screen (ground glass), using its strong transmitted light illumination slit, so that slit light image and recorded with the two-dimensional image, the imaging position in the slit S S 7, just simply as a limitation since the role of the reproduction light, so it can obtain a high diffraction efficiency to maximize rainbow hologram.

Reference object light intensity ratio of a variable can also be adjusted Bs beamsplitter, the imaging step in the recording process, and thus relative to the two-step rainbow holography speckle noise is much lower.

Multiple records, level implementation

Hologram Sticker, Dot-matrix Security tamper proof holographic label.

In order to obtain different levels of a hologram effect, dimensional image identification and placed in front of the screen speckle and speckle screen closely, along the optical axis of the imaging lens moves with the front screen and the two-dimensional image of the speckle position in the image by the lens £ near the recording medium, through the appropriate exposure times can be obtained effect of the level of the background pattern.

Adjust the incident direction of the reference light, color image can be reproduced in the same direction. If the recording medium is thicker than the recording surface of the second fringe structure, called a volume hologram. Holographic recording medium with its high diffraction efficiency, wavelength and angle Bragg effect and other characteristics are widely used in various aspects of holographic display.

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