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Introduction to hologram

The distinction of the odd photographic and hologram & Hologram characteristics

Laser Moire Hologram Interferometry

Moire Hologram Interferometry Options

Hologram Storage

Position and connection about holoram type

One step rainbow hologran principles and methods

Hologram Replication Overview

Hologram ordinary printing method

Rainbow Raster holograpy recording method

Photoresist for hologram

Volume hologram

Reflection hologram recording and reproducing

Silver halide hologram photochemical processese

The development of hologram technology and prospects

Rules of Laser Hologram

Photorefractive Hologram Storage

Multiple Photorefractive Holographic Storage

The Creation of Laser

Holography and Hologram Recording Materials

Hologram Projection Technology Solutions

Reproduction based on multi-tiered step angle rainbow hologram  

How to produce hologram by electronic beam  

Holography and Hologram Recording Materials

Laser Hologram Principle  

Hologram Grating interference  

Hologram speckle technology and its development  

Experimental study of Dot matrix Hologram  

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Particulars of hologram label production.

Step1. Make holographic master origination (Master origination shooting system, 2D/3D or Dot-matrix)

hologram laser

This is the picture of He-Cd laser which is in my training room. Helium Cadmium Laser power is 60mv -100mw, 441.6nm, with management unit and energy provide There're Chinese language made or Japanese made laser(Kimmon,Japan) available. The laser controller is automatic.

hologram laser

Above He Cd Laser cover is removed. You can see blue beam in two side of laser.

hologram laser

Hologram len and different optics make whole set objective and refference laser light for hologram picture recording.

hologram laser

One laser beam is separated by beam splitter into objective beam and refference beam.

hologram laser

Artwork is recorded onto H1 glass in first step of hologram image recording.


Dot matrix hologram system to make holographic master originaiton

hologram laser


1.Form of Engraved Dot: circle or square (totally different model)
2. Engraving exposure speed: 20 ~ eighty dot/second(317dpi 635dpi 1270dpi);
3. Seperation of shade: Plain Rainbow or RGB(totally different model)
4. Engraving space: 160 x one hundred sixty mm
5. Resolution: 158dpi, 317 dpi, 635dpi, 1270dpi
6. Minimum viewing angle: 0.25 degree
7. Setting of viewing angle: zero ~ 360 degree
8. Zoom in Zoom out effect: circle, sq., rhombus, polygon, word, curve
9. Movement of curtain effect: two path, one course, or XY_ route
10.Pearlescent effect: polygon motion of ray, random kinematic movement ray, mixture of kinematic movement ray
11. Revolving ray impact: whatever revolving shape of curve, revolving effect of line, and so forth
12. Projective effect: no matter word, whatever font, recombination of image projection flex
13. Swap impact: Totally different flips switches with different viewing angle
14. Three-dimensional effect: phrase has fasle three-dimensional impact, imitational 2D/3D hologram
15. Micron text impact: line of font could be 0.02mm, letter may be in size of 0.2mm
16. Random matrix: dots blink in numerous viewing angle
17. The working system: win98 SE
18. Control graph: .TIF or .BMP file


Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating. Two Software Usage Information brochures with inbuilt help. One software for artwork design, another for engraving.

         - All kinds of dot-matrix type hologram
         - True Color Images 
         - Kineform 
         - Micro-Text 
         - DOVID 
         - Super-line Patterns 
         - Encryption Design 
         - 2D/3D Holo-Patterns

Other Information:

A. No requirement of vibration isolation system .
B. Straightforward Optics Position Setting
C. Chemical method and chemical compounds for hologram glass grasp improvement
D. Recombination Machine to make shims upto maximum dimension 600mm x 1500mm lively space

Dot-matrix holographic grasp origination system with square dots and smaller laser Laser, new kind easy control laser with four shade separation optics.

Diode laser and laser controller.


Step2. Recombine Dot-matrix master origination in size of 250mm*200mm onto plastic. 2D/3D master doesn't need recombination if we use XY automatic control stage when laser shooting hologram.

Hologram recombination machine body and press head with hologram shim on it.

1. Maximum recombination area: 220mm*220mm
2. Recombination precision: 0.05mm
3. Recombination function: Misplace, slope , blank, reverse
4. Control: PC, Windows operation system
5. Power: 220V/1.5KW
6. Dimension: 600mm*500mm*500mm(L*W*H)
7. Weight: 200 kg

Hologram recombination machine working on plastic film and press hologram onto it.

Hologram images recombined on plastic film. After silver coating of the film, we can make holographic master origination by electronic forming.


step3. Copy operation nickel shim from holographic master origination(Electronic Forming Machine)

Before put hologram glass master into electronic forming tank, we have to silver coating hologram photoresist first.

hologram laser

The photoresist ought to be clear first. In any other case, the silvering course of will face problem. After cleansing, the photoresist shall be put into small container for silvering. There's chemical in the container. We also can spray the silver onto photoresist, the result is same.

hologram laser

The photoresist have one layer silver coating. It's prepared for digital forming to make nickel holographic grasp origination.

Hologram electronic forming tools is consisted of electronic forming tank and controller. It is designed for the replication of holographic nickel shims via an electroforming process. It consists of the electro-deposition of nickel on a mannequin (silver coated glass or nickel shim master) able to conducting electrical current. When the deposition is accomplished, it is possible to separate the newly copied child nickel holographic master shim from the mom nickel which has an mirror hologram image.

Electronic forming equipment. Mushy and onerous tank make hologram nickel grasp origination and operation nickel shim.

The goal of this electronic formation is to copy the hologram from photoresist glass which has hologram imaged recordred, hologram imaged recombined onto PE film, or provide enough quantity operation shims for the embossing machines.

holographic master origination is made by soft tank. This nickel hologram shim is copied from photoresist. There's brown photoresist glue coating still on the surface of nickel shim. We have wash it away.

Soft tank and hard tank

Tape holographic master origination for electronic forming copying

Hologram mother master made after soft tank electronic forming.


step4. Emboss metallized PET film, transparent film(Narrow Web Hard Embosser)

This machine is designed to emboss hologram. It emboss clear polyester film, metalized polyester movie, scorching stamping foil with out glue, of various thickness from 12 micron upwards.

New Mode Simple Slender Net Laborious Hologram Embosser with facet information or with out facet information.Narrow net onerous hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width hologram products, comparable to hologram labels, slim web hologram film, hologram aluminum foil, sizzling stamping foil, etc. It consisted of three parts: embossing unit, heating system and control panel.

This single control panel can adjust temperature, pressure and speed very easily.

Hologram film is embossed with speed which is 1000 meters per hour.

There're three cylinders for this embosser

Hologram embosser cylinder photo

Auto Pressure Management Narrow Net Laborious Hologram Embosser. Narrow web laborious hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width hologram merchandise, equivalent to hologram labels foil in roll which has precise hole between two stickers. Sticker embossed by this embosser will be utilized computerized by sticker application machine. Comparing to related mannequin embosser made in USA and Germany, our embosser has identical high quality and far lower price. This hologram embosser can emboss slim hologram seal of cigarette packaging.

Auto Tension Control Narrow Web Hard Hologram Equipment

Advance model seamless embossing hologram embosser for hologram hot stamping foil or hologram sticker in roll format

This hologram embosser make embossing hologram roll in precise hole with any distance. The hologram made by this embosser have precise gap. So the hologram sticker roll or hologram sizzling stamping foil is appropriate for simple computerized application.

Hologram PET film is embossed continously with same gap precisely.


step5. Laminate silicon liner together with embossed hologram PET film by lamination machine or coating mahine.

hologram hot stamping coating machine

Hologram coating machine for hologram scorching stamping foil and holographic sticker as well. This machine has automatic facet information for unwind and rewind. The drying sizzling air cycles within the heating container by fan and heater. Unwind and rewind tension management helps hologram foil to be coated and laminated smoothly for die-cutting and slitting.Hologram foil is coated with white coloration water base glue. This glue is for holographic sticker.


step6. Die-cutting, Slitting (Die-cutting Machine)

Automatic die-cutting machine is very good to die-cut hologram sticker precisely and fast. It's suitable to die-cut hologram stickers in roll very precisely by tracing white register mark.

Label cutting with photo cell(register mark).

Holograohic sticker cutting according position of photo cell(register mark) every line.


Hologram sticker is slitted into reels.

It has slitter which can slit big hologram sticker roll into small rolls.

Hologram sticker is slitted into reels.

Hologram sticker is automatic sheeted into panels and counted how many sheet is done.

Hologram sticker is automatic sheeted into panels.


How to Make Hologram Hot Stamping Foil by Hard Embosser?

Step1. Make holographic grasp origination (Grasp origination shooting system, 2D/3D or Dot-matrix)

step2. Copy operation nickel shim from holographic grasp origination(Electronic Forming Machine)

step3. Emboss scorching stamping foil which is without scorching melt adhesive(Hard Embosser)

step4. Coat hot melt adhesive(Hot stamping foil coating machine)

The tools for hologram scorching stamping foil manufacturing is similiar as above equipment for hologram sticker procution.


How to Make Transparent Holographic Film and Silver,Red, Green, ... Holographic Film ?

step1. Produce small pcs customized design holographic master(Grasp origination shooting system, 2D/3D or Dot-matrix) .

step2. Recombine small master to big grasp upto size of 1500mm*600mm. (Huge Recombinaiton Machine)

step3. Copy huge measurement nickel grasp shim(Digital Forming). We have around eighty basic design master upto dimension 1500mm*600mm.

step4. Eemboss clear pre-coated BOPP film, PET film, PVC film. You then get clear hologram movie for packaging. Or to emboss pre-coated with color layer to provide silver, purple, inexperienced holographic packaging film. (Gentle extensive web embosser)

step5. Vacuum Metalizer to metalize transparent hologram film. Then you get silver, pink, green holographic packaging film. (There're several good high quality Vacuum Metalizer suppliers in China)

We also can use delicate embosser to produce huge net hologram hot stamping foil with Vacuum Metalizer, Coating machines.

To get more detial please visit



Brief of how to make hologram sticker.

Briefly discussed below is the process of making a typical two-layer " Embossing Reflection Hologram ", by far the most common and cost-effective hologram , with two common sub-types, namely the two layer hologram (with a background image and a foreground image) and the three layer hologram (with a background image, a middle ground image and a foreground image).

Our holograms are made on a large stable table with a laser, lenses, mirrors and other optics. The table is composed of a large mass resting on a vibration isolation system to dampen any movement. Since the hologram records light waves, movement as small as one-quarter of a wavelength of light will ruin the hologram.

To make a hologram, the laser beam is split into two beams. One part of the laser beam is directed by mirrors and spread by lenses to illuminate the object. The laser lights the object, then bounces off and hits the holographic film or plate positioned in front of the object. The other portion of the laser beam, called the reference beam, is directed by mirrors and lenses to evenly illuminate the film. Where the two portions of the laser beam meet at the film, they interfere constructively and record the hologram.
This "constructive interference" of laser light's waves is similar to the ocean's waves traveling onto the beach. When two waves meet just right, their collision enlarges or amplifies their size. In holography, this wave amplification exposes the holographic film.

After exposure, the holographic film is developed, similar to black and white photography. After processing and drying, the hologram is ready for viewing. This series of steps results in a laser-viewable "Master" hologram.

White-light viewable holograms are created in a two step process. First, the laser-viewable Master is holographed. Then, a second hologram is made from the projected pseudoscopic image of the Master. This hologram can be reconstructed - viewed - in white light. The section on "Lighting Instructions" explains viewing a white-light hologram.

Lighting Instructions
A light is needed to illuminate a hologram. A hologram is illuminated by shining the light at the center of the hologram. For ease of viewing, this angle is usually about 45 degrees from the center of the vertical hologram to the light source. This lamp should be at least four feet above the hologram for the best results.
For best clarity, there should be no other lights striking the surface of the hologram.The quality of the light source that illuminates your hologram is very important. The sharper the light source, the sharper the image in the hologram. We recommend a light that uses a 12 volt, 50-75 watt MR-16 quartz halogen bulb.
Another light which works well is the Phillips Master Line, 60 watt PAR-16, narrow spread. These lights can be purchased at most lighting stores. The light should be at least four feet away from the hologram; and shine on the hologram from above at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Reflection holograms use front lighting. Transmission holograms are illuminated from behind.

Design / Artwork / Origination
Working with you, our graphic team is going to transform your ideas into hologram by developing them in a best way. Designing marvelous visual effects and multi dimensional graphics with color and action unity is possible by using advanced computer techniques.

Artwork file in Corel Draw or Illustrator format is best. Artwork in Corel Draw file can be used for Master Origination Mold(nickel mold) shooting directly. Please save file in Corel Draw version 8 file. The Corel Draw artwork file should be converted into curves. So we can open it. Adobe Photoshop file, JPG, GIF, is ok, but not the best solution.

See how to design, please visit our webpage

Prepared model work is sent to hologram laboratory. Our expert physics engineers in their fields create Master hologram on a special sensitive emulsion by combining necessary photographic and holographic elements. As it happens in all holograms, this multi dimensional image is recorded by using laser beams and sensitive optical techniques.

Exposing "the positive" of each layer, one after the another, to laser light with the aid of specialized imaging devices such as specialized lenses and mirrors and recording the same on a surface of an ultra clean, photo sensitive and specialized glass plate, to originate "the Glass Master". At the end of this intricate and time-consuming process, the original two dimensional image of the artwork gets "transformed'" into a "three dimensional" impression on the surface of "the glass master", called the hologram. The hologram will diffract the seven colours of the spectrum (colours seen in a rainbow) and will produce "the depth effect" or the three dimensional (3D) effect, when it is viewed from different angles under any type of natural or artificial light, thereby giving it an extraordinary visual appeal. During holographic recording, secret information (e.g. code number) can be recorded and concealed in one of the layers of the hologram to make it machine readable only (that is, under special lighting conditions and with the aid of special viewing instruments) in order to impart the inimitable "optical security feature" to the hologram.

The laser beams that are loaded on master plates are transferred to the electroformed metal plates with the aid of chemicals. Transferring the multi-coloured, three-dimensional impression of the hologram from the surface of the glass master to the surface of a nickel plate to create " the nickel master ". (After this, the glass master cannot be used any further and has to be discarded.). By the same process and from " the nickel master ", additional nickel plates, also called " shims " are prepared for ultimate use in the embossing machine for mass production.

Stamper shims are mounted in embossing machines. Transferring the multi-coloured, three-dimensional impression of the hologram from the surface of the shim to the surface of very thin, metallised polyester film roll, through optimal application of heat and pressure. A special chemical coating known as "Tamper Evident Coating'" on the base of the polyester film imparts an important additional security feature to the hologram, to detect any attempt at its unauthorized removal from the surface of a product or of its packaging or of a document.

Adhesive-coating and lamination: ( only for pressure sensitive label only )
The " embossed " roll is continuously coated on its reverse with a water-based / solvent-based pressure sensitive adhesive and dried and is thereafter continuously laminated with the silicon-coated surface of the release paper to make a laminated roll.

After lamination, the laminated roll is then duly in the size and the shape required by the customer by a very specialized automatic die-cutting machine. For jobs required in Spool Form the laminated rolls are slitted as per size. Holograms in Sheet Form are best suitable for manual affixations while Spool Form for automatic affixations.

Removal of the un-embossed portions of the metallised polyester film from and side-trimming of each sheet bearing several pieces of the hologram to make the sheet uniform in size and facilitate removal of holograms, one by one from the surface of the sheet.

Slitting(ifin roll) and packaging

Slitting sticker in roll format or cutting into panels. The sticker sheet will be packed 200 sheets one bag. The holograms are then finally passed through the quality control department, where each and every property of the hologram is thoroughly checked and finally these holograms are counted, packaged and shipped

A hologram is a flat surface that, under proper illumination, appears to contain a three-dimensional image. A hologram may also project a three-dimensional image into the air-a lifelike image that can be photographed although it cannot be touched. Because they cannot be copied by ordinary means, holograms are widely used to prevent counterfeiting of documents such as credit cards, driver's licenses, and admission tickets. The word hologram comes from the Greek roots holos meaning whole and gramma meaning message. The process of making a hologram is called holography. When a hologram is made, light from a laser records an image of the desired object on film or a photographic plate.

There are basically two types of holograms. A reflection hologram is viewed when lit from the front, while a transmission hologram is viewed by shining a light through it from the back side. An embossed hologram is made by backing a transmission hologram with a mirror-like substance, which allows it to be viewed when lit from the front. Holograms can also be made that show moving objects; these sequences, called stereograms, are typically three to 20 seconds long.

Although a hologram is a visual image of a physical object, it is quite different from a photograph. For instance, when an object is photographed, each portion of the photo contains an image of the corresponding portion of the original object. Each section of a hologram, however, contains a complete image of the original object, viewed from a vantage point that corresponds to the section's position on the hologram. Thus, if the transparent plate containing a transmission hologram is broken, each piece will still be able to project the entire image, albeit from a different point of view. Using a piece from near the top of the holographic plate will produce an image as seen from above, while using a piece from near the bottom of the plate will create the impression of looking upward toward the object.

Another interesting property of holograms is that they preserve the optical properties of objects such as lenses. For instance, consider making a hologram of a magnifying glass placed in front of a butterfly. When viewing the holographic image of those objects, an observer will find that the portions of the butterfly seen through the image of the magnifying glass will be enlarged.


Learn More About Holographic sticker Hologram sticker     Sample 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 77 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 88 86 88 88 89 90   

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General Design Hologram Sticker in Stock   Hologram Seal   Transparent Hologram Decal  

Type of holographic master Origination

  holographic master origination is a nickel mold

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label


2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker

True Color Hologram


2D Hologram

Kinematic Movement in Hologram


Laser reveal Hidden Text(image) and Mole Hidden Text in Hologram, Security Flash Light

Flip-Flop Hologram


Micro Text or Image in Hologram

Combination of Hologram


Transparent Hologram Sticker and Transparent Hologram Decal for Mobile Screen

Pressure Tamper Evident hologram sticker


Pattern Release and Overprinting Release Hologram Sticker

Non Pressure Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker


Serial Number on holographic sticker


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