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Henglei Hologram Ltd provides hologram solution and security holographic products. We manufacture secure hologram sticker, hologram film, holographic hot stamping foil, scratch off hologram, hologram ID overlay and Hologram Machines.

We supply whole set hologram machines including holographic master shooting system, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser, Lamination & coating machine and die-cutting machine. Affordable Hologram Machinery   Hologram Sticker Production Photoes    Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project   

We supply whole set hologram machines including holographic master shooting system, electronic forming machine, hologram embosser, lamination & coating machine and die-cutting machine. Affordable Hologram Machinery   Holographic Sticker Production Photoes    Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project   Hologram Foil Pattern. Holograms have 3D stereogram hologram, digital 3D hologram, 2D/3D hologram, Dot-matrix hologram and recombination of different types holograms to enhance security. Assistant secuity features such as hidden texts, micron text, kinematic guilloche lines, pearl dots, true color/photo, flip-flop/switching/multi-channels, solid white, flash fight, will improve security too. The hologram has the more security features conbination will have more security. Security pressure tamper evident holographic stickerwith "VOID", "ORIGINAL", honeycomb shape pattern released feature, black serial number and transparent demetalized sequantial number, laser hidden text, morie hidden text and special micron text also enhance your security greatly. We have more than one hundred general designs hologram label and holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil, transparent hologram ID overlay in stock. We also supply different size holographic master origination upto size 1200mm*650mm.

Holograms have 2D/3D hologram, Dot-matrix hologram, 3D hologram and recombination of them to enhance security. Such features as hidden texts, micron text, kinematic Guilloche lines, true color/photo, flip-flop/switching/multi-channels, solid white, flash fight, will improve security too. The hologram has most security features conbination will be high security.

Security pressure tamper evident hologram with "VOID", "ORIGINAL", Honey Comb shape pattern released feature, black serial number and transparent demetalized sequantial number, two kind of hidden text and special micron text also enhance your security greatly.

We have more than one hundred general design hologram label and holographic film, hologram hot stamping foil, transparent hologram ID overlay in stock. We also supply different size holographic master origination upto size 1200mm*650mm.

General Design Stock Holographic Label No.1-No.30   Stock Holographic Label No.31-No.60    Stock Holographic Label No.61-No.90   100 Holograms Sticker Samples

hologram seal  Transparent Holographic Decal   Sticker in roll format and application machine   New Big Master Origination Enhanced Security Feature  Holographic Sticker With Sequential Numbers   'VOID', 'ORIGINAL' Pattern Released Hologram   Overprinting Released Hologram     Two Kind of Hidden Text(image) in Hologram  Big Size Holographic sticker  UV Ink and Thermochromic Ink    Scratch off Hologram Label   Holograms Security  Holograms Effect Photoes  

Holograms - Labels & Stickers

Our range of hologram stickers are used in diverse industries for security and branding purposes. Easy to apply, these hologram stickers are self-adhesive and tamper evident. They can be used on various substrates to help protect, secure and authenticate different items. Any tampering attempt may be obvious, as the stickers cannot be removed without destroying.

Made with the use of latest technology, our hologram stickers are virtually impossible to duplicate or replicate. We can custom design hologram stickers in different sizes with company's name, logo, etc.

Hologram Labels are the most effective and commonly used product for Brand Authentication, and Brand Promotion. Since this holographic technology is in label form it can be used on any product or commodity. Holograms are very easy to Apply and use -Just remove and Paste. These labels can be supplied in the following forms:

Sheet Form Hologram: The Sheet Form Holograms are ideally suitable for manual application. There is no gap required between two hologram for square hologram with sharp edge corners, but a gap of 2 mm - 3 mm is required for circular, round corner holograms or other customized shapes.

Spool Form Hologram: The Spool Form Holograms can be supplied for Production houses where the volumes are huge and it not viable to apply the Holograms manually.The holograms are supplied in spool form with a gap of minimum 2.5-3 mm between two holograms. These holograms can be applied both manually and automatically using automatic dispensing machine.

Tamper Evident
Holograms have a very distinctive tamper evident feature. Once the Hologram is pasted on any product it cannot be removed. If tried to remove it self destroys.This is very useful for tamper proof and security applications.

Kinds of Tamper Release
  • Full/Partial Tamper Evident
  • Void Tamper Evident
  • Bee Hive Tamper Evident
  • Customized name after tamper
Shapes and Sizes
Holograms are supplied in sheet/roll form of different shapes & sizes, viz.
Hologram Sizes: 8mm X 8mm upto 150 mm X 150 mm
Shape : Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval, Square or rectangle with rounded edges or customized shapes.
Film Thickness
We normally supply holograms and Holographic Products in film thickness ranging from 24 Microns to 50 Microns as per the Clients requirement.The Holographic films are of two kinds:
  • Tamper - Once pasted cannot be removed and re pasted
  • Non Tamper - Once removed can again be re-pasted
The Tamper/Non Tamper property of the film can be supplied as per the customers requirement.
Colors in Holograms
We manufacture holograms in more than 12 colors and we can make your Holograms in the color of your choice.Some of the colours which we can supply you Holograms are:

Silver, Copper, Gold, Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, violet, Black, Forest Green, Light Green, Transparent Film and Brown

holographic masters
We provide the Best quality Masters to many hologram companies around the globe and we can provide all kinds of Masters. We specialize in 2D holographic masters, 3D holographic masters, Dot Matrix holographic masters and Actual E-Beam holographic masters. We can also supply you Masters with the most complex security features in the Industry. The Masters play a very key role in the Hologram Manufacturing and we ensure Best quality of the Masters. If your masters are good, your Holograms ought to be good.


Instant Holograms
The Instant Security Holographic Stickers available off the shelf, and can be supplied in any quantities as required - 100 holograms or 1 million holograms. The Instant holograms makes Origination Charges a thing of the past! The Best Part of Instant Holograms is :

  • No Origination Charges
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • No Lead Time
As an additional security feature, we can make customized Instant Holograms with Variable Information. As the name suggest they are ready stock holograms and such Holograms can be supplied within 24 hours. These Holograms are ideally suitable for :
  • Entry Tickets to Events
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Promotion
\Hot Stamping Holograms
Hot Stamping holograms are very commonly used nowadays and is an Advanced technology where the Holographic strips are hot stamped on surfaces like Paper, PVC, Plastic, Film etc. This kind of Technology is ideally suitable for applications where the quantities are very very huge and Manual Applications of Holograms is not possible. We can provide customized hot stamping holograms as per the Customers requirement. Once the Holographic Image is transferred on the base it cannot be removed. It is like a permanent impression.

Holographic Pouches
We Manufacture a wide range of holographic Pouches and we can supply you holographic Pouches in Various forms.
  • Complete Holographic Pouches
  • Single sided Holographic Pouches
  • Holographic Strips on Pouches.

Since most of the modern day products are packed in pouches this kind of solution is ideally suitable for companies which have huge volumes and the Point of Sale impact on the customer is also very good. The Holographic packing in pouches adds a very hi-fi look to the Product.

Hologram Shrink Sleeves
Hologram shrink sleeves the most reliable security solution that protects branded bottle goods against counterfeit and refilling. The tamper evident sleeves are applied on the necks of bottles as an additional seal. Once, the strip is pulled of it can be replaced. Our hologram shrink sleeves can be used for packaging beverages, spirits, condiments and processed foods.


  • Possibility for reverse printing to prevent marring & scuffing during transit.
  • Sleeves with tamper evident holographic stripe
  • Can be produced in roll or in pre-form
  • Provides proof for authenticity of the bottled goods
  • Can be custom designed with name of the company, logo, etc.

Holographic Induction Wads
We are ranked as a paramount holographic wads manufacturer in India. We offer various profitable wholesale deals of hologram wads, which are highly valued by our clients. Our holographic induction sealing wads comes with various multiple security features along with customized designs. Our holographic wads are available in pocket friendly prices.

Induction sealing wads with customized holographic image provides unique authentication along with security of the contents in the package for the consumer. Customised design with multiple security features can be offered. Wads can be supplied as per customer's requirement with holographic customized image incorporated.
Holographic Tapes and Strips
Holographic Tapes and Strips offers a High level of protection for envelope, box and cartons. The tamper evident pattern released hologram tape seals are specially developed for induction sealing to envelope, box, bag,cartons, etc. When the pattern released seal is opened, it'll leave word such as 'VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED', 'OPENED'. Hologram security tapes can be customized for use in any type of security application (government, military, industrial, commercial). They indicate "tamper evidence" or show that the product or package has been opened or tampered with. Hologram Tapes (hologram security seals) offer an effective combination of security and attractive appearance. The customizable, Hidden text which just can be read by laser reader can be used for both anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. For Applications on Blisters, Plastic Packing, Paper Labels etc., Hologram Strip can used be used which have online applications.


Holo Pharma Products
Hira Holovision is specialized in the field of Holographic Solutions for the Pharma Industry.We have a variety of solutions for the Pharma Sector and we offer a wide range of Holographic Products for the Pharma Industry.From Holographic Labels to strips and Sleeves to Transparent Holography, we have it all.We can even offer customized Holographic solutions depending on the client's requirement.

Holographic Paper Labels
Holographic paper labels are one of the Latest development in the Hologram Industry and are used Instead of Normal Paper Labels.These kind of Labels are 2 in 1 Labels which have the advantage of Security and Identity.We specialize in Paper Holographic Labels and if you use both Holograms and ordinary paper Labels this solution is an Ideal suggestion for your Brand.

Holographic Scratch
Scratch holograms are widely used today by industries for promotional and security purposes. Scratch hologram are used today instead of the usual gray latex scratch-off panels on discount coupons, telephone top-up cards etc. In other words, holograms are used to hide sensitive data like codes, numbers etc. by adding a coat of holographic material on the surface. By incorporating holograms onto the scratch surface, the cards are made more secure. Also known as scratchograms, these holograms with scratch coating make use of the latest techniques and technologies, thus making it impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents. These holograms add more value to your promotions and security. The design of scratch hologram is available as standard or a special custom hologram unique to customer.

Transparent Holograms
Holographic ID Overlays are made for ID Cards protection against fake ID cards and cheap Identifications. Transparent holograms and Laminates are indeed transparent and do not abstract the image on ID cards and you can see its Hologram image. Instead of the Normal Laminates on the ID cards and Documents, Our Holographic Transparent Overlays can be used.They not only add security but also make the document/Card attractive. We can also develop Customized Transparent Holographic solutions on PVC, BOPP, Polyester, Etc., As per the clients requirement.

Holographic Wide Web Films
Holographic wide web film is a special holographic product meant for packaging industry in particular. We manufacture and supply holographic wide web film in both PET and BOPP. This is very useful for flexible packaging and gift wrappings. Nowadays all the Leading brand are using wide web holographic films for their packaging Products to enhance Brand value and curb Counterfeiting.


Handheld Label Applicators
  • Hand-Held Label Applicator Ideal for repetitive labeling of boxes or bags.
  • Simply squeeze the handle to dispense and apply any die-cut label.
  • Maximum label width 1.20" (30mm).
  • Maximum label length 2.36" (60mm).
  • Minimum core size 1" (25.4mm).
  • Maximum outside diameter of roll 3.93" (100mm).
  • Heavy-duty, made for industrial use.
  • No custom tooled slots needed to dispense labels, just a 1/8" (3.2mm) gap between labels.
  • Unique sensor automatically adjusts the label stroke.
  • Patented mechanism dispenses virtually any shape of die-cut
Semi-Automatic Hologram Applicators, Hologram Dispensers

  • Ideal for small labels and small work areas Will dispense labels and die-cut parts.
  • Will dispense labels from .25" to 2.25" (6.35 to 57.15mm) in width.
  • Will dispense lables from .25" to 3" (6.35 to 76mm) in length.
  • Will accomodate core sizes from 1" (25.4mm) up to 3" (76mm).
  • Photosensor accuracy.
  • Automatically removes paper, vinyl, acetate, polyester, foil, etc. from its liner.
  • Automatically rewinds liner scrap for a cleaner working environment.
  • Liner scrap is easily removed.
  • No tools required for adjusting to different size labels.
  • All metal construction. No maintenance required.


Other Holograms    

hologram ID overlay hologram pouch hologram hotstamping Hologram Tape Hologram paper
holographic Hot Stamping Foil
holographic film Transparent_Hologram_Decal Scratch Hologram1 Aluminium Foil Hologram badge
Transparent holographic Decal

Supply holographic Machine
Master shooting system Recombination Machine Electronic Forming holographic Embosser Laminator Hot Melt Adhensive Coating Machine Automatic Die-cutting Machine. To see more, please visit holographic Machines List Video of running hard embosser V1 V2 Video of running wide web soft embosser V3 V4 Video of running laminator V5 V6

Supply holographic Master  Origination 

About Hologram Master Originaiton  src=
About holographic masterHow to Shoot holographic master and Euipment

Hologram Master Originaiton  src=
Big Size holographic Master We supply kinds of holographic master origination from size 160mm*160mm up size to 1200mm*650mm

Photoresist Glass Master Photoresist Glass is one pcs of glass pre-coated with photoresist chemical which can record image with laser

master samples 2
Negative Nickel Master Origination Master Origination is nickel shim copy from photoresist glass by electronic forming precess

master samples 3
Embossing Operation Shim Usually, positive 6'*6' size nickel shim used to hard emboss metalized film and big size nickel shim used to soft emboss

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