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Hot Stamping Project & Machinery: How to produce hologram hot stamping foil and normal hot stamping foil in different way.

Machinery production line supply in hot stamping foil production

Affordable Hologram Machinery   Hologram Sticker Production Photoes    Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project

Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Brief
A. General Design Hologram Hot Stamping Sample Patterns  
B. Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Characteristics and Hot Stamping Temperature  
C. Hot Stamping Machines and Equipment & Hot Stamping Process  
D. Hot Stamping Solution for Variety of Products.
E .Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project & Whole Production Line Supply, Technology Transfer and Training   


There're two way to produce hologram hot stamping foil, hard embossing and soft embossing.


Hard Embossing to produce Hologram Hot Stamoing Foil :

This is simple way to make narrow web (160mm in width) hologram hot stamping foil. It's widely used in Europe and America.

To produce it, following machines are necessary.



Step 1. holographic master Shooting System to make holographic master origination.

Master shooting System has two type. One is 2D/3D mater shooting System, another is Dot-matrix master shooting System.

2D/3D mater shooting System new type, simple and easy to learn

There're two type of 2D/3D master shooting. One way is to shoot master by H1 glass to make hologram text or image in background. Another way is to shoot master by hologram image maker facility directly.To shoot master by hologram image maker facility directly, all forground image and background image can be shooted in same way(no need to make H1 glass for background first). It's much easily way than to make background by H1 glass. Master shooted by hologram image maker facility also is much shining and clearn without noise wrinkle than the master shooted in another way, especially, on big rainbow area. To shoot master by hologram image maker facility, we need automatic position localization equipment to locate record glass position precisely. To shoot master by H1 for background, we have to control position platform manully.

Two different 2D/3D master shooting, we need two different position localization equipment, one is manual positioning equipment , another is automatic positioning equipment.

We have both type master shooting technology. To shoot master by hologram image maker facility is suggested because it's easier to learn and quality of master made is better.

With 2D/3D master shooting system, we can make 2D/3D, 2D, Flip-Flop, Microtext, Hidden Image, stereogram,
Special Effects, Animation.

Main euipment required for 2D/3D holographic master shooting: Laser, X Y Stage, Optics, Optical table.

He-Cd laser

hologram laser

This is the photo of He-Cd laser which is in my training room. Helium Cadmium Laser power is 60mv -100mw, 441.6nm, with control unit and power supply There're Chinese made or Japanese made laser(Kimmon,Japan) available. The laser controller is automatic. The laser power meter check the laser beam parameters.

hologram laser

Above He Cd Laser cover is removed. You can see blue beam in two side of laser.

Optical Tables: 1200 x 1800 x 200mm, Metric M6 Holes, Isolated. Or equivalent. The vibration should be Isolated for holographic master shooting.

hologram laserhologram laser

The optical Table System should be isolated from outside environment vibration. It has to feature integrated accessories to optimize laboratory space, organization and safety. The system should have about 200mm thickness with a 1200mm width, 1800mm length and Metric M6 holes on a 25mm grid. There is a need to have casters with it as standard feature for easy mobility. Or equivalent.

hologram laser

Hologram len and other optics make whole set objective and refference laser light for hologram image recording.

hologram laser

All optics including hologram len, shutter, beam splitter, mirror, filter, magnifier, etc are set up on optical table.

hologram laser

Laser objective and refference beam match together after the objective beam go through artwork. Hologram image is recording on photoresist.


Photoresist Silvering

After your make hologram image onto photoresist, next step is to do silver coating onto photoresist glass. It's easy, but important step for furtther hologram production.
The photoresist should be clean first. Otherwise, the silvering process will face problem. After cleaning, the photoresist will be put into small container for silvering. There's chemical in the container. We also can spray the silver onto photoresist, the result is same.

hologram laser

The photoresist have one layer silver coating. It's ready for electronic forming to make nickel holographic master origination.

Dot-matrix master Shooting Machine to make holographic master origination


Dot-matrix master shooting machine in resolution(158 DPI, 317 DPI, 635 DPI, 1270 DPI) according to different customer's requirement., 2400 DPI also is available with customized model.

Dot-matrix holographic master shooting system composed of optical, laser(15000 hours warranty), programmable controller, accurate platform, Optics bridge, computer and software. This system is intelligentized engraving system. After you load engraving data which generated and optimized by our special software, it'll work automatic.


1. Platform dimension: 700mmX500mmX700mm
2. Weight: 250 KG
3. Power: 220V, 1KVA

hologram laser


1.Shape of Engraved Dot: circle or square (different model)
2. Engraving exposure speed: 20 ~ 80 dot/second(317dpi 635dpi 1270dpi);
3. Seperation of color: Plain Rainbow or RGB(different model)
4. Engraving area: 160 x 160 mm
5. Resolution: 158dpi, 317 dpi, 635dpi, 1270dpi
6. Minimum viewing angle: 0.25 degree
7. Setting of viewing angle: 0 ~ 360 degree
8. Zoom in Zoom out effect: circle, square, rhombus, polygon, word, curve
9. Movement of curtain effect: two direction, one direction, or XY_ direction
10.Pearlescent effect: polygon movement of ray, random kinematic movement ray, combination of kinematic movement ray
11. Revolving ray effect: whatever revolving shape of curve, revolving effect of line, etc
12. Projective effect: whatever word, whatever font, recombination of image projection flex
13. Switch effect: Different flips switches with different viewing angle
14. Three-dimensional effect: word has fasle three-dimensional effect, imitational 2D/3D hologram
15. Micron text effect: line of font can be 0.02mm, letter can be in size of 0.2mm
16. Random matrix: dots blink in different viewing angle
17. The operating system: win98 SE
18. Control graph: .TIF or .BMP file


Dot-matrix Artwork Designing software which consist of very user friendly software for creating. Two Software Usage Information brochures with inbuilt help. One software for artwork design, another for engraving.

         - All kinds of dot-matrix type hologram
         - True Color Images 
         - Kineform 
         - Micro-Text 
         - DOVID 
         - Super-line Patterns 
         - Encryption Design 
         - 2D/3D Holo-Patterns

Other Information:

A. No requirement of vibration isolation system . 
B. Easy Optics Position Setting
C. Chemical formula and chemicals for hologram glass master development
D. Recombination Machine to make shims upto maximum size 600mm x 1500mm active area

Dot-matrix holographic master origination system with square dots and smaller laser Laser, new type easy control laser with 4 color separation optics.

Diode laser and laser controller.

Laser beam and beam splitter



Step 2. holographic master Recombination Machine to recombine big size holographic master.

Small recombination machine to recombine small master up size to 220mm*220mm. PC-Controlled, automatic and simple operation with high precision 0.05mm.

Hologram recombination machine. 220mm*220mm size

1. Maximum recombination area: 220mm*220mm
2. Recombination precision: 0.05mm
3. Recombination function: Misplace, slope , blank, reverse
4. Control: PC, Windows operation system
5. Power: 220V/1.5KW
6. Dimension: 600mm*500mm*500mm(L*W*H)
7. Weight: 200 kg

Hologram recombination machine working on plastic film and press hologram onto it.

Hologram images recombined on plastic film. After silver coating of the film, we can make holographic master origination by electronic forming.

Recombination software interface.

Hologram recombination machine body and press head with hologram shim on it.

Hologram nickel shim for recombination and plastic film recombined.


Step 3. Electronic Forming Machine to copy hologram nickel master and nickel operation shim

This equipment is consisted of electronic forming tank and controller. It's designed for the replication of holographic nickel shims by means of an electroforming process. It consists of the electro-deposition of nickel on a model (silver coated glass or nickel shim master) capable of conducting electric current. When the deposition is completed, it is possible to separate the newly copied child nickel holographic master shim from the mother nickel which has an mirror hologram image

Electronic forming equipment. Soft and hard tank make hologram nickel master origination and operation nickel shim.

The aim of this electronic formation is to copy the hologram from photoresist glass which has hologram imaged recordred, hologram imaged recombined onto PE film, or provide enough quantity operation shims for the embossing machines.

holographic master origination is made by soft tank. This nickel hologram shim is copied from photoresist. There's brown photoresist glue coating still on the surface of nickel shim. We have wash it away.Wash photoresist glue away and clean holographic master origination shim and dry it.

After hologram photoresist glass master shooted by laser beam with 2D/3D master shooting system(or, hologram recombined into big size on plastic film) and slivering coating process, we have to put the hologram glass master into soft electronic forming tank to produce holographic master origination. After 90 minutes electronic forming, we'll get one hologram shim copy which is called nickel holographic master origination(mother master) from the glass master(or plastic master). Then we put the nickel holographic master origination into another hard electronic forming tank which can duplicate another piece operation hologram shim which is a little bit harder than soft shim for hologram embossing.

Above photo is hologram mother master origination shim. We'll put it in hard tank to copy hologram nickel operation shim for hologrma embossing.


Small electronic tank is for duplicating small master which is used to emboss hologram sticker and big tank is duplicating big master which is used to produce hologram film.

Small hologram electronic forming machine.

Soft electronic forming tank to produce holographic master origination(soft) and hard electronic forming tank to produce hologram operation shim for embossing. Some electronic forming tanks can duplicate hlologram nickel shim in size of 300mm*300mm.

Small Hologram electronic forming machine
Specifications of small hologram electronic forming machine tank:
1. Max electronic formed size:250MM*250MM
2. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
3. Power consumption:1KW
4. Dimension: 800MM*800MM*1000MM
5. Weight: 150KG

Specifications of hologram electronic forming machine power(controller):
1. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
2. Power consumption:1.5KW
3. Dimension: 400MM*600MM*800MM
4. Weight: 100KG

Big Hologram electronic forming machine(size of it can be customized design)
Specifications of Big hologram electronic forming machine tank:
1. Max electronic formed size:1600MM*900MM
2. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
3. Power consumption:2KW
4. Dimension: 2200MM*800MM*1200MM
5. Weight: 180KG

Specifications of hologram electronic forming machine power(controller):
1. Voltage std.:220V 50HZ
2. Power consumption:1KW
3. Dimension: 500mm*400mm*1200mm
4. Weight: 150KG

Our company give all chemical electronic forming needed with chemical formular together.

Soft tank and hard tank

Tape holographic master origination for electronic forming copying

hot stamping

This machine duplicates master nickel shim for embossing purpose.


Step 4. Hologram Hard embosser Narrow Web Hard Hologram Embosser to emboss hot stamping foil

Narrow web hard hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width hologram products, such as hologram labels foil in roll which has precise gap between two stickers. Sticker embossed by this embosser can be applied automatic by sticker application machine. Comparing to similar model embosser made in USA and Germany, our embosser has same quality and much lower price. This hologram embosser can emboss slim hologram seal of cigarette packaging.

Advance model seamless embossing hologram embosser for hologram hot stamping foil or hologram sticker in roll format

This hologram embosser make embossing hologram roll in precise gap with any distance.

The hologram made by this embosser have precise gap. So the hologram sticker roll or hologram hot stamping foil is suitable for simple automatic application.


1. Chip control, Rectify a deviation and put one automatically, rewind smoothly with little deviation less than 0.1mm
2. Intellectual temperature control, it is accurate in temperature control when embossing.
3. Automatic control unwind with auto tension control with chip control and magnetic powder controller
4. Automatic control rewind with auto tension control with chip control
5. Control interface: Touch screen control. The structure is reasonable in design, it is flexible and convenient to dismantle
6. Side guide
7. Auto control in temperature, tension, unwind, rewind protection
8. Save material than Mold 1 and Mold 2


1. Embossing are: 155mm----165.0mm
2. Heating with chip control and infrared ray detection
3. Power : 220V or 380V, 6KW
4. Air pressure when embossing : 6 mpa pressure
5. Dimension: 1200mm*800mm*1200mm
6. Weight: 600kg

Another simple hard dmbossing machine wihtout side guide control also can emboss hologram hot stamping foil

hot stamping hot stamping

This machine embosses hologram image onto hot stamping foil which is without hot stamping glue.

Step. 5
Hot Melt Adhensive Coating Machine and hologram sticker lamination machune
To coat hot melt glue onto hologram hot stamping foil and dry the hologram hot stamping foil in roll. This machine also can laminate hologram sticker onto line with water base adhesive and solvent base glue.

hologram hot stamping coating machine

Hologram coating machine for hologram hot stamping foil and holographic sticker as well. This machine has automatic side guide for unwind and rewind. The drying hot air cycles in the heating container by fan and heater. Unwind and rewind tension control helps hologram foil to be coated and laminated smoothly for die-cutting and slitting.

hologram lamination machine


1. Working speed: 1-55 m/min
2. Maximum coating width:200mm
3. Power: 380v 20KW
4. L*W*H:2700mm*800mm*1900mm
5. Weight:900kg

holographic sticker ashensive coating

Hologram foil is coated with white color water base glue. This glue is for holographic sticker.

coating machine

The coating and lamination machine has controller panel to make the machine works easily.

coating and laminating machine

The glue/adhesive used for this machine can be water base or solvent base. It can be hot melt glue for hot stamping foil and Ethyl acrylate glue for hologram label.

coating and laminating machine

The glue/adhesive used for this machine can be water base or solvent base. It can be hot melt glue for hot stamping foil and Ethyl acrylate glue for hologram label. To coating hot melt glue will have different cylinder than glue coating for hologram sticker.

Coating machine coats hot melt glue onto hologram hot stamping foil. After coating, we get final hologram hot stamping foil which can be tranfered onto paper, PVC by hot stamping machine.



When we requires to produce wide web hologram hot stamping foil as 640mm width, we will use another production line including big size holographic master recombination machine, big electronic forming machine , wide web hologram soft embosser, wide web coating machine and vacuum Aluminum metalizer to produce hologram hot stamoing foil:

To produce wide web hologram hot staping foil, usually is 640mm in width, we have to use wide web soft embosser to emboss PET film. We also have to use wide web coating machine to coat separation layer, color layer, and hot stamping glue onto PET film. Finally, we have to metalized PET film by vaccum metalizingr machine.

To produce it, following machines are necessary.


A. Big Electronic Forming Machine

hot stamping

This machine duplicates master nickel shim for embossing purpose.


B. Wide Wed Soft Embossing Machine

hot stamping hot stamping

This machine embosses hologram image onto transparent PET film.


C. Wide Wed Coating Machine

hot stamping hot stamping hot stamping

Three wide web coating machines are needed. These machines coat separation layer, color layer, and hot stamping glue onto PET film.


D. Wide Wed Coating Machine

hot stamping    

This vacuum metalization machine metalizes PET film


How to select Hot Stamping Foil?

1. Choice of hot stamping foil

There're a variety of types of hot stamping foil , applied to different purposes, in accordance with the relevant technical guidelines to choose the right hot stamping foil . We have lots generic design hologram hot stamping foil in wallpaper design and with register mark as well. We can produce customized design hologram hot stamping foil according to customer-specific packaging stamping characteristics and requirements . After choosing the model of hot stamping foil , stamping temperature, pressure and time stamping also should be set according to actual needs.

2. Hot stamping temperature

When hot stamping temperature is too low , the gilt after stamping film has poor adhesion. When stamping temperature is too high , the hologram image will get white and gloss. So engineer can use thermometer to measure the actual temperature of the surface of hologram hot stamping foil gilt layer. Sometimes the tempreture show on hot stamping equipment has different data. We cannot only rely on the instrument display. Different hot stamping etching area in different locations sometimes produce unacceptable temperature deviations too. In addition, when the equipment in hot stamping process, the temperature is lower than the shutdown temperature . Etching temperature difference between different locations is also crucial for the quality of stamping .

3 . Hot stamping time

For some good performance stamping machines, hot stamping time (referring to time that the hot stamping mold contact the back side of hot stamping foil ) , is independent of the stamping speed independently adjustable . For the simple structure stamping machine , stamping speed up the pace would mean to shorten the inevitable imprint of time , in this case can only change the stamping speed time to get the right impression .

4, Hot stamping pressure

When hot stamping pressure is too low, the hologram transfer effect will be poor, particularly gets serious for material such as thick paper, embossed paper or leather. Similarly, The pressure between etching mold and t the substrate surface uniformity is also very important. So before hot stamping on the substrate, to adjust the position of mold and material is very important.


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